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saving your time
How much is your time worth to you? Wish you had more on your hands? How much of your time is spent every week doing your laundry? What if we were to tell you that we can help you keep some of your precious time to do what is more important to you? Would you like to know how we can do this for you? provides free laundry pickup and delivery service. By utilizing our service, you can save money, gas, and most importantly, your time. Spend it with your family, doing what you love, or just relax. We have everything covered. Our service is personalized for each of our clients and comes with satisfaction guarantee. Give us a try and we are sure you will see the benefits the very first time.

Our services are tailored for both commercial and residential clients. Big or small, is committed to delivering superior service to each and every one of our clients.

I would like to recommend for anyone in the Atlanta area needing efficient, convenient and reliable laundry pick up and cleaning. We currently use's services each week to clean and fold table cloths every week, which we use for birthday parties held at Georgia Aquarium. At times, we may have up to 6 parties or more in one weekend, and having a company as reliable as is a priority. Each week, arrives on time, at their scheduled date and time, and they deliver clean and folded laundry within 24 hours! I have always been very satisfied with their ability to confirm pick up and drop off times in advance and provide the cleaned table cloths in a timely manner the very next day. Thank you!
Alyssa Cromie, Assistant Manager, Guest Programs at Georgia Aquarium

I have used facility for years. They have always given me courteous and excellent service whether alterations, laundry or dry cleaning.
Bruce W.

Mr. Ku and his wife have been taking care of my alterations since 1990 when I first moved into the area. I did not have a washer or dryer at first and Mr. Ku always was there greeting me with a smile. As I've grown Mr. Ku and his wife have always taken care of me styling everything from my work uniforms and suits to evening gowns I've worn to black-tie events. Recently I moved to a new area but I will always come back to Mr. Ku and his family because they've ALWAYS taken good care of me and my clothes and they keep me looking great!!!
Inis W.